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I have Windows 7, and I need to setup a dev environment consisting of multiple server OSes: I need a PerformancePoint 2007 server, a MOSS server, and a SQL Server, and a domain controller (might be my SQL Server, not sure yet). This is just to replicate a bug in production.

Anyway, what should I be using for my virtualization needs? I have Windows Virtual PC, but can it have 64-bit guests? I need a free solution, even if it's a free trial.

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I don't think VPC supports 64-bit guests yet, but VirtualBox is free and supports 64-bit guests, provided you have capable hardware.

You may like their comparison page, VirtualBox vs Others.

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didn't see on the page - does VirtualBox support VHD images? – Nathan DeWitt Mar 1 '10 at 23:03
@Nathan yep! vbox supports VHD images. They added it in 2.1.0 ( ) – John T Mar 1 '10 at 23:06

The newest version of VMWare Player now allows you to create VMs, not just run ones already created.

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VMLite is free and

  • supports 3D/2D acceleration
  • supports multiple virtual CPUs
  • supports VM hibernation
  • supports 32- and 64- bit host and guest operating systems
  • supports running 64-bit guest operating systems on 32-bit host when VT-x or AMD-V is enabled
  • supports VMware (VMDK), Microsoft (VHD), Sun (VDI) and Parallel (HDD) virtual disk formats
  • supports live snapshots for easy and fast recovery
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