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i was wondering if its possible? There are many extensions to firefox which help you to download vides from e.g; youtube etc but there are many websites which offer video training tutorials etc e.g; lynda and vtc. How you can download videos from them?

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There isn't any general method. Youtube keeps changing its model to prevent downloads, and other site probably do the same. Flash videos are often more easily grabbed under linux : the flv file is simply downloaded to /tmp.

Edit 2014: this was true using Flash player 9 (and older). Unfortunately, since Flash Player 10 the video file is still created in /tmp, but immediately removed. It's therefore invisible and tricky to copy; you may want to try searching for open but deleted files using lsof and restore it from /proc as described here.

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I like that. I will check next time. – jfmessier Mar 8 '10 at 13:22

Tamper Data is great for that sort of thing, you can pretty much look at every request the browser is making including the FLV. I use this to download videos from any site and it works a charm each time.

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Hmm thanks, let me check if it will work with site which i am looking for. – itsaboutcode Mar 2 '10 at 10:55

The DownloadHelper plugin lets you do that.

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Except when it doesn't. DownloadHelper only works when the video is streamed over http--rtsp streaming is invisible to it. – CarlF Sep 17 '10 at 12:06

I think I used to use some app called FLVDownloader, but you can also do it with MS VPC 2007, and IE8 running an XP client. For some reason on Vista and Win 7 it doesn't seem to work. Just view the YouTube movie then grab it from temporary internet files. Easy.

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If you're working under Windows, Orbit Downloader is darn effective. Free of charge (ad supported, it looks like.)

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Well i have found that realplayer browser plugin is best for this.

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