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I want to have something like or github (but for mercurial!) on my VDS. I don't need full functionality, but I need it being able to serve repositories, accept changes (with auth!) and creating new repos in one-two clicks in web interface. What can I use? Thanks

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Hgwebdir running in a web server (comes with mercurial) does everything except let you create the new repos with a click, which you can very easily do with a simple script you can put right in the hgwebdir footer.

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I have used but I also wanted an in house DVCM server for my web development team, so we went with Redmine. This is tested and installed easy using BitNami images,

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I've not tried it yet, but RhodeCode seems to have all the features you'd ever want from a web based repository manager.

You can create new repositories, fork current repositories and it allows you to set up user authentication and access rights.

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If you have money, bitbucket has an hosted version (just ask Jesper for a quote).

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As described in the article Publishing Repositories in the mercurial wiki, mercurial has different way for publishing repositories (hg serve, ssh, hgwebdir, hgweb, ...). Since you need multiple repositories with push/pull authentication then you should go for hgwebdir (also described here).

After setting up hgwebdir, apart from pushing/pulling from the repositories, you will also have a web interface that will look like, for example, the code repository.

As mentioned by Ry4an you can't create a new repository via the web interface.

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For your needs you might want to take a look at gitblit It is fairly basic and simple. It provides web-UI so you can manage as many repos as you need. However I found out that they don't have per branch permissions out of the box (requires some ground work with groovy scripts). On a flip side if it doesn't bother you, then it might be it!

Cheers mate!

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