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Is it possible to retrieve the full image that the Persona use?

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I don't have Windows 7 available to me at the moment I am typing this, but try clicking the start button, and selecting "run". Then enter %APPDATA% (without the arrows). It should load a screen with all of your PCs programs.

Then click "Mozilla", then "Firefox", and then "profiles". Your profile name will probably be different than mine, but it was the only folder in my "profiles" folder. Click on whichever profile you are using (or if it is like mine and you just have one profile, pick that folder). Then select the "persona" folder, and then the "cache" folder. That is where you will find the currently used persona images actually, they are inside another folder which has whatever the name of that persona is).

It only stores the current one though, so if you want that image, copy it to another location to save it, and then load your next persona. That will update the "cache" folder with those images, so they too can be copied.

I also added this info as an edit to an above question/answer with a little more detail.

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Firefox 3.6 Personas, AKA Lightweight Themes, are not stored on the computer. They are loaded from the web each time the browser is loaded. All of the URLs are stored in the about:config preferences editor under:


See the Mozilla Knowledge Base for more information about lightweight themes.

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