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Is there a way to convert a block of text to title case in Notepad++?

It should turn

asdf ASDF aSdF


Asdf Asdf Asdf

I see upper case and lower case on the edit menu, but those aren't quite what I'm looking for.

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The TextFX plugin has this feature, they call it "Proper Case". You can find it under TextFX -> TextFX Characters -> Proper Case:

alt text

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Does this have a Hotkey? –  Homer Mar 26 at 18:33
@Homer - you can assign one in Plugin Commands section of Shortcut Mapper. Item Proper case is present there, waiting for you :) –  miroxlav Apr 20 at 0:00

One thing to keep in mind with this. The TextFX plug-in is only in the ANSI version. You will need to download the ZIP file and copy the contents of the ANSI directory to your computer. For some reason, the .exe only installs the unicode without a few key plug-ings.

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