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How can I record everything I browse so that, ideally, it might later enable me to re-surf the same pages without internet access ? For instance, if I go to I would like to be able to view the same page later exactly as initially (but without reconnecting to Thank you in advance.

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Firefox has extensions which might help you in this.

BetterCache could give you the effect you need.

If not, there's Read It Later and a newer one called Read Later There's also ScrapBook

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Also Shelve firefox extension

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This is tricky for dynamic web sites. For a largely static set of websites, then a caching web proxy in front of your browser would help, beyond your browser's own built in caching. Also adjust your browser's caching to a large-ish size. Beyond that I don't have a good solution. dynamic and interactive web content isn't designed to be snapshot-able. Browsers with predictive pre-fetching help a small degree here, but otherwise you can re-walk your previous footsteps, assuming the http Cache tags are sane.

For a one-off user, this does fit better on

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