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Preferably within Camtasia for Mac but if I need to use another programme, I guess I will.

I recorded a 2.5hr coding session that I want to speed up to 2.5 minutes ideally... just for fun!


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I don't have a Mac, but in my Windows copy of Camtasia this is easy. In Camtasia Studio, after adding the clip to the timeline you right-click and select "Clip Speed". Allows you to set the speed as a percentage of original playback time. You have to produce the movie for the change to take effect.

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If it is just for playback, you can use Quicktime: Alt-clicking on fast forward or rewind will speed up or slow down playback speed (as will mouse-scrolling sideways). However, it will probably not go as fast as you want.

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I meant more like increase the playback speed 10x or 100x or whatever and then export the movie that much sped up.. –  Adam Taylor Mar 3 '10 at 17:05

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