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I like using Mail.app, but I'd also like to have encryption/signing options. Is there a Mail.app plugin like Enigmail for Thunderbird? I'm on Snow Leopard.

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There is a GPG plugin that will let you encrypt or sign messages. http://www.sente.ch/software/GPGMail/English.lproj/GPGMail.html

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I'm on Snow Leopard; I'll update the question to reflect that restriction. –  Hank Gay Mar 3 '10 at 14:09
You can get a version for Snow Leopard from here: github.com/rca/GPGMail/downloads –  mipadi Mar 3 '10 at 14:17

Now at http://gpgtools.org (Snow Leopard compatible, Sparkle updates, all-in-one installer, ...)

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