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one of my friends asked me yesterday if there was some way for him to create a shortcut key and attached it to his E-mail addressee (thus a string or text).

Example: In a document, mail, webpage, etc. press CTRL + M (or another combination) it writes ""

Is this possible?


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I also highly recommend AutoHotKey, as @Snark suggests, but I'd suggest you use a hotstring like this:

If that line is in your .ahk script, every time you type my@ followed by a space or a tab, it will auto-expand it into, anywhere and everywhere you type it.

No need to worry about collisions with Ctrl-M in other applications.

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Easy to do with AutoHotkey. This command will map CTRL m to type the email address:

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AHK is the way to go. Considering how likely Ctrl+M is to be used you might want to limit AHK to the particular programs where this shortcut is desired. – mindless.panda Mar 3 '10 at 15:32

ClipCache may suite your needs

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