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Do I really need to split the single file into multiple files first? Shouldn't there be a one-step utility that lets you burn a CD and define track points at the same time?

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Add your operating system. – Josh K Mar 3 '10 at 17:40
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create a cue sheet and burn the audio CD with software that supports cue sheets (e.g. Burrrn)

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Depending on what operating system you use, yes and no. I'm sure there's a Linux application that will do this, but on Windows and Mac I don't know of any.

You would have to split the file down before you burn it.

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I have done impromptu track cuts with Nero 6 and 7 using Windows XP. This will produce a noraml CD that will play in a normal CD player. You can user Nero in Normal mode or Express Mode. Here is a copy of the manual. More info.

  1. Open nero and start a new Audio CD
  2. Add your track(s) to the list of Tracks to burn
  3. Click on the Track then click the Properties button
  4. In the next window, click the table named Indexes, Limits, Split
  5. Click in the Timeline where you want to break the tracks.
  6. Click the Split button.
  7. Repeate for each of times to start the next track.
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