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I want to the led on my Lenovo Thinkpad- T500 to blink programmatically. I see it can be done in linux by

echo "on" > /proc/acpi/ibm/light

Is there any equally simple windows alternative for this. I will be really grateful for any suggestions.


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Arkadiusz Wahlig's command line ThinkLight.exe (C source code) will do it under Windows XP/Vista/7 as long as the Lenovo drivers are installed, no Python required.

Usage: ThinkLight.exe <command> [args]
  on - turns the ThinkLight ON
  off - turns the ThinkLight OFF
  toggle - toggles the current ThinkLight state
  blink <count> [speed]
    - blinks the ThinkLight <count> number of times,
    - blinks the ThinkLight [speed] times per second, defaults to 3

Ref: a post.

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This doesn't seem to work on my X230. Not sure if the drivers changed or if it's an issue with Windows 8. – nhinkle Feb 10 '13 at 23:03

No. You will need to write a program to do ACPI calls as windows does not expose any of this to the user.

This question would hence be better suited to StackOverflow.

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Yes, I realize that I should have asked it in Stack Overflow in the first place. I don't think it can be moved now, because my Stack Overflow and Super User accounts are not linked. I'll move it once they are linked. I am user247077 on Stack Overflow. Meanwhile, this should give an idea to go about solving the problem.

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