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I am wanting to build a really nice PC, price is not to important as I will buy pieces every week or whatever it takes until I get everything I need. I am not a gamer but I would like to watch video and have 3-4 monitors. I do a lot of programming and use a lot of big programs so I would like to go all out and get a lot of Memory, probably at least 12gb but possibly more even as I see many boards support up to 24gb now. Will be using Windows 7. I have decided to go with the Core i7 920 Processor BX80601920.

Based on what I posted above, can you please recommend some good motherboards I should look at ? Also some good places to purchase them online.

Thanks for any help, tips, etc.

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How many memory will you use ? I think they'll be DDR3 SDRAM.

I recommend for ASUS Core i7 Motherboards. among, then, the most suitable one is ASUS P6T6 WS Revolution - motherboard

it supports up to Corei7 Extreme. on board 6 x Hi-Speed USB , Serial ATA-300 - connector(s): 2 x 7pin external SATA - 2 device(s) - RAID 0 / RAID 1 / RAID 10 / RAID 5 , max memory supported 24 GB (DDR3 1600(O.C)/1333).

for budget one, it's quite good. ASUS LGA1156 (unde $100).

Hope this helps anyway.

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The LGA1156 motherboard is not suitable for the i7-920, because the 920 is an LGA1366 processor. – coneslayer Jul 1 '10 at 17:01

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