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If someone knows any software with these features:

  • Works from the tray area
  • Very lightweight
  • Works also in Windows XP (preferably workstation, nothing serverish required)
  • Can show a bandwidth usage graph, where I can easily see each PC's usage
  • I can inspect a computer's connections, find out the ports and applications that are using them (eg, all bandwidth is consumed by PC #3, that's running uTorrent.exe from port 33003)

...I'd happily check it out. I'm only sharing my connection with (at most) four computers - I'd prefer not having to add hardware or reinstall my system.

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Perhaps Microsoft Network Monitor 3.3 would work if you played around with it?

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You could use wireshark for some in depth analysis.

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May be useful

Network analysers (sniffer) is good for troubleshooting. But collect too detail information for continous usage.

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Use Spiceworks. It is free and I am pretty sure it can do everything you want so long as you have SNMP turned on at all of your switches.

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