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I have a new HP Compaq 610. Most of the time I use it plugged and with the battery removed, to avoid wearing it. Sometimes I need to move it to somewhere else - currently I hibernate the machine, move it, plug it in its new location, and power it up again.

I wonder if it's possible to plug the battery while the machine is on and running on AC power, move it, plug it, and unplug the battery again, without ever turning it off. I'm afraid to try it myself. Does anyone know?

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Best practice says no, but I used to do it all the time without any problem what so ever.... However, it really depends on the laptop - I have never had a problem, but, yours may have a very sensitive PSU and the change in power requirements could either restart or blow something.

If I was you, look up the cost of a replacement battery - you may be surprised, some are as cheap as $20, ask yourself is it really worth the trouble for that amount of money? Memory effect doesn't really exist any more and by the time you experience wear and tear on a battery, it will probably almost be time for a new laptop.

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yep, Both Wil and Idigas are right. I have done the same thing to my laptop many times with no ill effects... – studiohack Mar 4 '10 at 0:45
Wil and @studiohack — So, is it just like 1. remove the battery 2. plugin the power chord, power up the laptop and get going? Or are you doing something else too? – its_me Jul 27 '12 at 18:32
Memory effect doesn't really exist any more Not in the NiCd sense, no, but Li-ion batteries have their own problem which is the same basic thing: they lose capacity over time, and not that long either. After just three years (of almost always leaving the battery in while plugged in), the Li-ion battery in my laptop was down to just 42% of what it was brand new. You may say it is time for a new laptop after three years anyway, to which I respond, sure, just send me a check and I will do so. – Synetech Oct 9 '15 at 3:13

To add to what Wil already said. I also never had any problems with it. Yes, recommendation is not to do it, but then again, I've read some funky recommendations over the years, half of them probably useless.

As far as your laptop model goes, I have hp compaq 6715, which is relatively simlar (at least visually), and it never had any problems with that sort of thing.

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As other answerers have said, this is a very "your mileage may vary"-ish issue, dependent on your particular tech. But just to provide another viewpoint...

A few years ago, I bought a Fujitsu laptop that worked great for about a week. Then I popped out the battery just the way you said, and since then, the computer has only been able to last about three minutes without AC power, even on a fully charged battery. Either the computer is destroying good batteries that I put in, or the amount-of-juice-remaining sensor was permanently damaged; I never bothered to figure out which.

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