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In Windows 7 I can set a "per program" sound setting. It's cool, because I can mute the browser (by example) and listen music without a lot of "noise" from another open windows.

Now, I need a "per program" setting for date time. I need test some softwares in different timespans (some years ago; some years later, etc). But when I change the global date from Windows, I cannot browse the web because of certificate problems...

Someone knows some method to "per program" changing the date time?

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To my knowledge there is no software or wrapper you can use to accomplish this. Your best bet to do this would be to use a virtual machine and turn on time synchronization. VirtualBox is a free virtualization program, but keep in mind you may need extra windows licenses.

Also, depending on your windows license for Windows 7 you may be able to use the Windows Virtual PC and virtualize Windows 7 (I can't find it right now, but I think Ultimate/Enterprise allows you to virtualize it at least once.)

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