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Is there a way to edit an existing nautilus (fie manager) bookmark?

Invoke from Linux command line:

$ nautilus

Activate connection editor:

File>Connect To Server...>

Complete entries in the pop up:

Service Type: [WebDAV (HTTP)]
Server: [localhost]
Port: [8001]
Folder [webdav]
Username: [test]
[x] Add bookmark
Bookmark name: [/dav]

Then in the left column of the main window the new connection and bookmark exist:

File System
WebDAV on localhost

Right click on "/dav" pop up menu:

Open in New Tab
Open in New Window

There is no option for editing.

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Looking in Ubuntu, there doesn't seem to be an option to edit the fancy stuff, just the server and the name used in the menu (there is an "edit bookmark" entry in the bookmark menu, but I'm sure that you found that).

The actual details are stored in a text file ~/.gtk-bookmarks, so it should be reasonably easy to edit the file.

Perhaps you would like to file a bug either for your distro or direct with Gnome.

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