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I get this error when I have VM running in VMWare Workstation on my work PC and try Remote Desktop-ing in from my iMac at home. I just upgraded VMWare Workstation to 7.0 from 6.0 and now I'm getting it when I try to resume my VM at work.

It then asks me the scary question of whether I want to preserve or discard the suspended state. I don't want to lose stuff! ack!

Update I backed up my VM and tried hitting that "discard" button and the result was a reboot of the VM. I then tried restoring to a snapshot, and none of my snapshots work! Is there anyway to fix this so I can run 7 but still have my old snapshots?

The frame buffer layout of the current display cannot be made to match the frame buffer layout stored in the snapshot. The dimensions of the frame buffer in the snapshot are: Max width 3200, Max height 1770, Max size 22659072. The dimensions of the frame buffer on the current display are: Max width 3200, Max height 1600, Max size 20512768. Error encountered while trying to restore the virtual machine state from file "C:\Documents and Settings\adam\My Documents\My Virtual Machines\dev\Windows XP Professional.vmss".

What do I do so I don't break things horribly?

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Looks like I was screwed. I learned too late that you should only take snapshots when the guest OS is shut down :(

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