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I'm using cygwin

how do i mount a remote c: drive in cygwin

to mount a remote shred dir one could use

mount //#ip address#/#shared folder# /#new dir# but trying to mount c: drive fails

mount //#ip address#/C$ /#new dir#

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Try to escape the dollar sign:

mount //#ip address#/C\$ /#new dir#


mount "//#ip address#/C$" /#new dir#
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If you mount the remote drive as a drive letter in Windows, you can then navigate to /cygdrive/<drive letter> within cygwin.

If you need to mount the drive from the command line, you can use "net use". type "net help use" for command line options.

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I'm trying to avoid this option since i have another application that map the this drive but with different credential – modi Mar 4 '10 at 19:49

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