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preferably free, either a program or online conversion

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I've use this website before Its pretty quick and the video quality seems good.

share|improve this answer is also a good choice – kokbira Aug 15 '12 at 14:18

You could try VLC. It will play most file formats and can encode to WMV as well.

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For Windows I always used Super ©. According to eRightSoft's website it supports the following input sources:

  • Input Image Sequence: jpg, pgm, png, ppm (with sequentially numbered-ONLY filenames) having the same filename numbered-ONLY format. Example: 0001.jpg --up to--> 0999.jpg note that this format will NOT work name_0001.jpg --up to--> name_0999.jpg (take out name_)
  • Input Video format: 3gp, 3g2, amv, asf, avi, dat, dvr-ms, fli, flc, flv, m2ts, mpg, mkv, mov m4v, mp4, nsv, ogm, qt, rm(vb), str, swf, ts, trp, ty, ty+, tmf, viv, vob, wmv ..
  • Input Audio format: aac, ac3, amr, flac, mmf, m4a, mp2, mp3, mpc, ogg, ra, wav, wma ..
  • Input AviSynth Script Files: avs. To write a script and specify advanced encoding commands using AviSynth scripts!

For Mac OS X I use Handbrake

Both applications are free to use.

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As Nuno Curado suggestioned, use SUPER. I think is the best. But you must have the lastest codecs in your computer to be able to convert to some filetypes. Then download K-Lite Mega Codec Pack.

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