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I have a very large directory with probably millions of small files in it. It's taking forever to run ls on the directory.

Is there an easy script that I can run to split the directory into smaller ones, based on the prefixes of the filenames. My goal is to wind up with something similar to what the Debian archives' pool directory looks like.

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What do you know about the prefixes? It's hard to whack together a solution if you don't know any, unless you want to sort them by first letter, or brute force search through the filenames for common prefixes. – John T Mar 5 '10 at 5:00
First letter (or first two) is fine for me. I don't need special lib directories. – Ken Bloom Mar 5 '10 at 16:52
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Is this too simple? Just push every file into a single letter directory based on the file first character.


for i in `/bin/ls | xargs`
    dir=`echo $i | cut -c 1 -`
    mkdir -p $dir
    mv $i $dir

You don't get the 'lib' directories, but you could make special rules for other prefixes.

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