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I have installed PHPpgAdmin in ubuntu.

If i use http://localhost/phppgadmin then it works if i am at the server

But if i use from LAN

Http://ip -- works
Http://ip/phppgadmin-- don't work

It says permission denied

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Check the configuration of the site, due to the nature of the script, I would be 99% sure it comes shipped with some sort of IP based restrictions.

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Nate gives usefull advice, but I don't think that'll help you. As the local IP's usually range inside 192.168.*.*, which is already inside the range

My advice to you, is to temporarily change the line

deny from all


allow from all

Inside /ect/phppgadmin/apache.conf And see if it changes anything (please not that I am not sure of this path. I am a Windows user myself.). It would be wise to edit your question with the results of this, so you can be helped further.

Also, have you tried to reach it from a different computer/device in your network, or just one?

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For Ubuntu, edit the file /etc/phppgadmin/apache.conf. You will see lines that look like this:

deny from all
allow from ::1/128

Add an additional line that allows access from your subnet. Then make Apache re-load its configuration.

Simply add an entry for your subnet (here: all machines with IPs in 192.168.0.XXX) in the given allow from line

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