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How can I discover version numbers/download URLs for Google Chrome offline installers? E.g. for the latest version?

Alternatively what is the offline installer download URL for the latest version of Google Chrome?

I am able to download an offline installer for some earlier versions of Google Chrome by knowing the download URLs, e.g.:




(11.1 MB and 10.5 MB respectively)

Is there a list somewhere of the download URLs or the versions numbers (presuming the download URL can be derived from the version number)?

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You can check the blog called Google Chrome Releases to follow announcements and release notes for the Google Chrome browser.

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This will download the latest version of the offline installer (but does require JavaScript to be enabled in the browser for google.com):


At the time of writing the file name chromesetup_195_38.exe is suggested and the download URL can thus be guessed to be:


This URL can be used without requiring JavaScript (e.g. with Wget.)

I have downloaded this installer and installed. Using icon <Wrench> (popup menu)/About Google Chrome it displays this version number:

However this is not the latest stable version of Google Chrome. That is version 4.0.249, released on 2010-01-25. Version 3.0 was released on 2009-10-12.

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As mentioned, you can get the latest version directly from the Chrome page. You can also get the latest version as well as past versions (all the way back to the first release) from FileHippo.

The installers from the Google page pack a Google Update installer and the Chrome installer together. When you run it, it extracts the two and runs them. The FileHippo copy is only the extracted Chrome installer (including the Google digital signature).

As such, the version resource in the properties of the FileHippo installer matches the version of the browser, but the installers from Google have a different one. If you get the one from Google, you can determine the version by using 7-Zip to open the EXE file, then the file inside that and looking at the filename of the installer. Either way, you can tell a Chrome version by either running it and checking Wrench->About or just looking at the version resources of CHROME.DLL (for some reason CHROME.EXE always has a version of

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By the way, it should be noted that the standalone installer on the Chrome page is only the last stable version; it is not the “latest” version (which is available on FileHippo). When I posted the answer two days ago, the version on the Chrome page was 10.0.648.133 while the version available from FileHippo was 11.0.696.3. –  Synetech Mar 17 '11 at 21:56
This might have worked at some point in time. File Hippo files are now useless, unless you are downloading the latest stable version. This is because they don't host the files, they just redirect to Google servers and Google has made sure to pull off any version that's not the latest version. –  sammyg Apr 25 '14 at 17:19
@sammyg, that’s a shame. Google is certainly baffling. On the one hand, they retain every version of everything for eternity (e.g., Google Maps now allows you to look at previous satellite photos, not just the latest ones), but on the other hand, they force users to update to the latest version of everything whether we like it or not (usually not). Yet another reason to stop using all Google products and services. In the meantime, you could try using Chromium; the last I checked, Google still kept every version of that on their buildbot back to the very first one. –  Synetech May 11 '14 at 2:23

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