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I have installed XAMPP server (and it works fine), but I want to show to somebody what i'm working on, so is there any software that allows anyone to enter my IP and see my local server server (http://localhost/test to be accessed as http://MyIPAddress/test)

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do you want to show others on the same LAN as you or are you at home and want someone at another locaiton to see it? – Shevek Mar 6 '10 at 9:51
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You just have to open the port you are using in your firewall. And if you are using a NAT/router then you have to use port-forwarding to your computer.

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I just added port 80 (xampp is using it) and it works – Remus Rigo Mar 6 '10 at 10:06

You can use a free DNS service such as

Dynamic DNS Free

Dynamic DNS Free (DDNS) allows you to create a hostname that points to your home or office IP address, providing an easy-to-remember URL for quick access.

We also provide an update mechanism which makes the hostname work with your dynamic IP address. We continue to offer this service free to the Internet community as we have done so for nearly 10 years.

Get five (5) hostnames in 88 available domains for free.

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