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I use TightVNC Viewer version 1.4.0 and want to save 75% scale and Full-screen mode settings. When I set them, close connection and then open it again, settings are default again.

How to save it permanently? Is it possible to save a password?

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For Windows XP:

  1. When you have the settings as you like them, hold down the Ctrl key, and press Esc.
  2. Right-click on the TightVNC in your task bar, and select "Save connection info as..." (it will ask if you want to save the password).
  3. Use the saved .vnc file instead of the TightVNC executable to launch your remote session

For Windows 7 (Right clicking in the Task Manager doesn't display the correct menu):

  1. Get the settings the way you want them.
  2. If that includes full screen, hold down Ctrl, Alt, and Shift, and press the F key.
  3. Click on the program icon above the toolbar and select "Save session to a .vnc file..." (it will ask if you want to save the password)
  4. If you want full screen, open the saved file and change fullscreen=0 to fullscreen=1.
  5. Use the saved .vnc file instead of the TightVNC executable to launch your remote session.
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Thanks for this information. When click this .VNC file an error occurs: 1) "Argument error" / "Invalid VNC server specified.". The 2) "TightVNC info" / "Failed to get serer address (-m_config). Did you type the host name correctly?" My .VNC file begins like this: [connection] host= port=5900 IP address is correct. What can be wrong here? – JohnM2 Mar 8 '10 at 18:22
But loading this config file when app is opened works good, so it is already very good. – JohnM2 Mar 8 '10 at 18:25
Are [connection], host=, and port=5900 all on different lines? (Okay, so probably the superuser comments just don't allow putting them on different lines). Did you edit the file in Notepad or some simple text editor? I don't know how TightVNC behaves if there are weird line endings. Also, is version 1.4.0 a beta? All I see on their site is 1.3.10 (stable) and 2.0 Beta. Maybe 1.4.0 has a bug. – Ben Mar 8 '10 at 22:47
"C:\Program Files\TightVNC\tvnviewer.exe" -optionsfile=FILENAME.vnc
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What do you do with this? – Frank Mar 8 '14 at 4:33

If you are using TightVNC 2.x, on Windows it is not straight forward like you would expect. You should save connection info to .vnc file, and you cannot just Open with... tvnviewer.exe

The full procedure is that you should Copy shortcut of your existing VNC Viewer, rename it to your connection name and right click it, click Properties and inside Target editbox put parameter called optionsfile. The final Target should look like this:

"C:\Program Files\TightVNC\tvnviewer.exe" -optionsfile="C:\fullpath\savedconnection.vnc

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