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It's a great reverse engineering tool.

I've tried lots of links from Google, but with no luck,

anyone can share the link?

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It was commercial software. –  mctylr Mar 6 '10 at 18:33

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Compuware terminated SoftICE (originally from NuMega) in 2006, and ended maintenance support in 2007, so SoftICE is no longer legally available.

Potential alternatives include Sysersoft's Syser Debugger and RR0d. Those appear both abandoned, and have been not maintained for several years now. A third, BugChecker (Vito Plantamura) seems abandoned (last activity was in 2010) as well.

The only remaining kernel (or ring-zero) debugger for MS Windows that I know about is Microsoft's WinDbg which is freely available from Microsoft as part of their Windows Drivers Kit.

With the availability of virtual machines, and para-virtualization means that the hassle of remote debugging is no more, it can be done on a single system; and secondly, that with virtual machines with even basic hardware emulation facilities can be used to provide even better insight than traditional kernel-mode or ring-zero debuggers.

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DNS failure on both of your last two links. –  Jonathon Reinhart Jun 22 at 18:32
Updated for abandoned projects, and added explanation for decline in need for the class of software. –  mctylr Jul 4 at 14:36

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