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I have just recently set up a DLNA server on my GNU/Linux desktop at home. I am using PS3 Media Server to do the job. I like it a lot so far, but I was curious about whether or not it is the best solution. To you, what is the best DLNA server for Linux?

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I found Mediatomb to work with very little configuration. I now have replaced it with a Netgear ReadyNAS box. It is a bit pricey, but also very elegent. Iirc it is running a custom DLNA server, easily configurable through the FrontView web ui.

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FWIW - I use mediatomb and find it to work flawlessly, although it sure took some configuring...

It runs as a system service (started from /etc/init.d on boot) and I've set it to auto-update indexes so I never need to touch it now.

I also set up a little IMDB lookup script that moves movies into directories based on their IMDB rating...

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This post gives a pretty good breakdown of a lot of choices.

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Thanks for the response, but I had already came across that one from Google. I was curious about what SuperUser members' thoughts were. Not to mention, its just information and not too much commentary about preference. The article is also from 2007. – kzh Mar 7 '10 at 2:34

I use mediatomb. See this post for a bunch of great uses.

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