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While giving telnet command for localhost & local IP 80 port not working and connection failed in client PC. In the same pc I am able to connect outside server ( where our system's application server Oracle 11g is located) with telnt 80 port.

To reach the outside server I have to go through local IP. since the local IP is not connecting to the port 80 in telnet I am not able to access the server. but the same local IP works in other client PCs. I hope this is a local client issue.

Kindly guide what kind of components to be invoked to access port 80 in local client PC? what are all the Firewall, windows components settings & services is required?This client PC recovered recently from Crash & factory default settings was restored . The O/S is Vista. Before the system crash everything was fine.

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In order to connect to port 80 on the local machine you need to have a service running on that local machine to accept connections. For port 80, that service is typically a web server. So you would need a web server(something like Apache) which is accepting connections on port 80 in order to achieve what you are asking. What is it you are trying to accomplish?

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