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Everytime I log in I see the 'Information Regarding Web Browsers' browser choice popup. Even if I click OK and then select the browser that I already have installed it still appears next time I log in.

How do I get rid of this?

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Delete "browserchoice.exe" from:

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I tried to do this but it said only 'TrustedInstaller' had permission to delete it. So I found further information on a Microsoft forum, about allowing you to delete it:

Copied from Microsoft Answers:

You can remove the file, but under Windows 7 (and presumably Vista) you cannot delete the browserchoice.exe file from the system32 directory, as you get an error saying that you need permission from TrustedInstaller to delete or change this file. To resolve this you need to go to the file properties (select browserchoice.exe, right click and click on properties). Next select the Security tab. At this point you will notice that Microsoft have installed a user group called TrustedInstaller, which has full permission to delete the file, whereas Admins and users do not. The next step is to click on the Advanced button and then select the Owner tab. Change the Owner to yourself and click Apply. Close that window and go back to the security tab. THe final step is to select your user and then give yourself Full control of the file. You will now be able to delete the offending article from your computer.

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