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I have an Iomega Home Media Network Hard Drive, 1TB, and lately I can't access the data on the drive. The shares (both built-in and created by me) are there, the security works, but when trying to access the data I get a "The network path was not found" message which is worrying, to say the least.

I'd like to know if there is a way to get the data off the disks somehow, as some of the data in the drive (ie, pictures and videos of my 1.5 yrs old son) is hard if not impossible to find otherwise.

Thanks a lot


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You can pull the drive and try to mount it in a pc, some of these devices are running linux, so you may need to boot off of a linux boot disk to mount the media.

DO not attempt to fix the data if it does not mount. Don't use fsck, or chkdsk.

I'd download ubuntu, burn a CD-rom and boot it up and plug the drive into a USB to IDE converter and set the drive on your desk and once linux is booted, plug the drive in and see if it mounts.

If it does, grab your data, if not email me using the link below.

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I mounted the drive in a different PC, using Knoppix.

The Data partition (996 MB) is XFS, and it didn't mount properly, but the mount messages suggested using some new "xfs_*" command that validated the config - it said I might lose data, etc but it run very quickly and all the data was there.

Once I could mount it, I copied it somewhere else and am looking for a 2 drive NAS ATM :))

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