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Possible Duplicate:
Text editor for Mac OS X

So I've got a Mac in the post coming to me, and will probably be doing quite a bit of development on it so I am looking for a text editor (PHP + HTML mainly).

I curently use Notepad++ on Windows and I simply cannot live without the function list plugin (It displays all functions in the current PHP file in a box on the right). Do any Mac text editors have this functionality? I am fairly sure that Notepad++ isn't available on an Apple.

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You could try out TextMate for Mac. You can download bundles for it which include all kinds of function and code shortcuts.

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+1 for TextMate. – Ye Lin Aung Mar 7 '10 at 16:32
+1. Go To Symbol (Apple+shift+T) brings up the function list – user187291 Mar 7 '10 at 16:46

TextMate is my editor of choice. It's slick, powerful, and very expendable with bundles.

Other to look into are TextWrangler (free) which offers some of the same functionality, SubEthaEdit which allows you to code in sync with other people, and Coda which offers an "all-in-one" coding experience.

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+1 for TextWrangler - also look at its more powerful sibling, BBEdit, which is not free, but of course has more features. – Paul R Mar 7 '10 at 19:33

vim all the way. The learning curve is quite low but you can use it on every OS and don't have to worry about changing again - ever! Editing PHP/HTML on the server will be the same across Windows, Linux and OS X.

The plugin needed for your problem is called 'taglist'; this is what it looks like:

alt text

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I voted this up because I like the universality of using vi (or to a lesser extent, emacs) -- especially since php development often ends up being deployed to linux. However, before I clicked the up-vote arrow, I had to shield my eyes from the horror of that color scheme you're using. :-) – Doug Harris May 7 '10 at 13:40
thats not my color scheme (i use lucius or xoria256), its the one provided by the taglist folks (check the image url) :) ... the universality of vim (and emacs) is why i always vote for vim in such "whats the best editor for xyz" ... all the textmate / notepad++ fanboys can go home, they never seem to have to edit files on servers, on other platforms etc. – akira May 7 '10 at 15:07

Sublime Text 2

Sublime Text 2 is a great replacement for notepad++ or even TextMate. I was a huge fan of TextMate but have pretty much switched to Sublime Text 2. This article on nettuts has some great reasons why Sublime beats TextMate. Below I added a few key things I love about it.


  • It is currently FREE!
  • Actively developed
  • Works on Windows, Mac & Linux
  • You Can Still Use TextMate Bundles

Awesome Shortcuts (My Favs):

  • Function List: CMD + R
  • Quick File Switching: CMD + P
  • Find and Replace in whole folder/project: CMD + SHIFT + F
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php-mode in emacs has an index menu tab that will show you all functions in that file.

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Espresso is a nifty Mac text editor for web developers.

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For something very similar to notepad++ try Fraise. If you're after a more heavyweight development tool, try eclipse, or its offshoot aptana studio For a more lightweight app, but still with lots of useful functions, have a look at Komodo edit

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