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Are there any good, simple and free HTML Editors for windows out there?

Something that a user with no experience can build a simple page.

Edit: I'm looking for something like the old Frontpage application.

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Try html-kit.
Or Komodo Edit.

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html-kit could be a good choice...Let's wait and see if something simpler comes along in another answer. – jvanderh Jul 23 '09 at 21:06

Notepad++ is good. Visual Web Developer Express is free as well, if not a bit more heavy weight for just HTML.

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Notepad++ might be hard to use with no experience. – KovBal Aug 28 '09 at 9:58

Nvu and/or KompoZer. I thought Nvu was dead, but perhaps not. KompoZer supposedly picked up where Nvu left off. I've used them both and I'd say they certainly qualify as "simple and free".

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Mozilla SeaMonkey has a basic HTML editing capability that's actually not too bad for a beginner doing some simple editing.

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Do they already have the publishing and hosting side of things taken care of? Dealing with those can be quite daunting for the less technically-inclined. If not, and/or you want something really easy for them, go with a solution like, Google Sites, or even SquareSpace. All of these are capable of building decent sites.

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It is for creating small files locally. – jvanderh Jul 23 '09 at 21:02

I used to use the Cuffeecup HTML editor a lot. I often recommend it to our customers when they are looking for an editor.

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My choice is Codelobster PHP Edition

This free aditor has great autocomplete and context help for HTML, CSS, JS and PHP.

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