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I am connecting to a remote suse 10.0 machine, and I do not get colors on the terminal, while I get them when I connect to a remote Ubuntu machine.

How can I do to get colors on the suse terminal?

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This depends on a couple of factors. What is the TERM set to when you login to the remote machine

ubuntu$ echo $TERM

If the terminal type is not set to a terminal capable of colour (i.e. dumb or vt100), then that would be your problem.

Otherwise I suspect you mean that Linux commands are not executing in colour mode by default. Try

ubuntu$ ls --color

Which you can fix by setting an alias in the user's shell start-up files. (E.g. .bashrc / .bash_profile for bash).

(And yes I spell colour with a 'u').

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I'm very newbie on Linux but I know that I get colors when I log in as ROOT but no colors when I log in as me.

How are you loging in?

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Try running this:

export TERM="linux"
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