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I just bought new SATA 1TB Baracuda HDD, I inserted and my windows didn't recognize it. Because I didn't have any other OS or anything to format it I used Centos i386 installation to format it. I of course disconnected my original disk from the motherboard and formatted it using CENTOS.. but now when I come back to the windows I can't format this HDD. Its recognized as RAW. What can I do to make it work?

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This belongs on superuser.

You need to create a filesystem. Go to "Start" -> "Run" -> enter "compmgmt.msc" and create a partition using "Disk Management."

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@Warner It does probably but I'll accept your answer anyways cause its valid. thank you – c0mrade Mar 8 '10 at 21:11
You're welcome. – Warner Mar 8 '10 at 21:13

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