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I noticed that when i click my local drives(C:,D:) i got open with Dialog box..... I am using windows xp... Then i found autorun.txt file was added to all the drives...

How to solve this? Any suggestion...

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I had a similar problem after Antivirus 2010 tried to install itself on one of the work computers I care for (I say try, because the user was a limited user, so Antivirus 2010 couldn't install itself!).

Like Bobby mentioned, try using an antivirus or anti-malware program to check for and clean the infection. I recommend Malwarebytes' Anti-Malware program.

What I ended up doing to stop the "Open With" box from showing (whenever the user tried to open an Internet Explorer link) was create a new profile.

From my administrator account, I copied all of the data they needed to keep (found in C:\Documents and Settings\<username>) to another drive.

Then, using the User Profiles Tool (Right-click on My Computer, "Properties", Advanced tab, "Settings" button in the User Profiles box), I deleted the profile and created a new one, and then copied all of the documents back in.

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You've most likely malware/viruses/trojans on your PC, go get an Antivirus Software (like AntiVir).

Oh, and just delete the files (f.e. via command line)...if they're coming back, see my first sentence.

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