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I've been backing up my Vista box using Complete PC backup for quite a while now, and I was just wondering how it is that you remove old backups when your backup drive is to full for another backup.

I recently received the following error:

The backup did not complete successfully.

An error occurred. The following information might help you resolve the error:

There is not enough space to save the backup files. Free up disk space or change your backup settings. (0x81000005)

I don't see anything in the settings for the backup to change this. Do I have to mount the backup to delete an old backup? If so where is that file located?

Update Posted my question here

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Well that was dumb. Pretty strait forward that.

On your backup drive look for a folder with the name of your computer (Start->Computer->Right click select properties)

Inside this directory here will be directories with a name format similar to:

Backup Set YYYY-MM-DD <6 digits>

Additionally on the drive, there may be a directory called WindowsImageBackup\<your-computer-name> and this will contain directories with the same name format as above.

Based on the date, delete the old backups.

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