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I have a font that was used on Mac OS X 10.5. Mac recognizes it as a font file. Windows Vista shows it as a "File".

Changing the file extension doesn't work. I tried both .otf and .ttf and neither worked. (Surprise! I didn't thinks so, but I'd be a fool for asking if that was the answer, so I tried...) Perhaps I need to try a different extension?

Are there any utilities to convert the font? A Windows equivalent? It's called Franco. (FrancoNormal, actually.)



DFontSplitter didn't work. I saw something online about "data fork" and "resource fork" that has to match up. Can someone please explain that?

Do I need both for a font conversion? What do I tell my graphic designer to send me?


The font doesn't work when downloaded to Mac OS X either. (A different machine from the original.) "Get Info" reveals that there is no file extension, leading me to believe that this is the newer font format. Where wold I find the the "data fork" and "resource fork" on the Mac? I want to be able to tell the designer exactly where to look.


DFontSplitter works on the original computer but not on my PC. I converted and emailed myself the fonts from the graphic designers laptop. I guess it has to do with the data being stored in a "fork" whatnot.

Thanks, Matt for that article.

Thank you again for your help!

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The Apple article will give your an overview or OS X font formats as well as answer your "data fork" question.

What is the extension of your font on its native system?

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Hi, thanks for the reply. I am still not clear on what a "data fork" is. See my edits above for answer an to your question, please. +1. – Moshe Mar 9 '10 at 22:47
What font are you dealing with? Just in case we can solve this issue by just getting a new copy. – Matt Fisher Mar 10 '10 at 2:56
The font is not available online. I checked. (It is, for $9.90...) Problem solved though by using DFontSplitter on the original machine. – Moshe Mar 10 '10 at 3:56
You get the check for helping and the article gave me useful info. – Moshe Mar 10 '10 at 3:56

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