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I am using both softwares but I would like to import MediaMonkey's playlist in Itunes. Can you tell me how to do it ?

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Select the playlist name in MediaMonkey, then go to File > Export to Playlist.

Save the playlist, and then in iTunes, go to File > Library > Import Playlists and select the playlist you just saved.

Your playlist should now be imported into iTunes.

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I'm currently using MediaMonkey and iTunes and the solution which @Jazzy Josh described didn't work for me. Whenever I imported the M3U playlist in iTunes it was empty, althought the playlist-file looked correct to me.

What worked for me was just selecting all files in the playlist within MediaMonkey and dragging them over onto the empty playlist in iTunes. I had imported the whole library into iTunes previously and dragging the lists over did not create any duplicates.

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Chiming in late, but: There is an iTunes plugin for MediaMonkey that makes your iTunes install look like a device.

"> Synchronise MM playlist folders to iPods"

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I'm pretty sure you can right click on your iPod and go to Properties for the device.

Once there you can tell it what you want to sync: playlists, podcasts, etc. Just choose the playlist you want to sync and it will sync it for you.

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