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Title is very informative in fact. When you select an icon and then click on the desktop, the previously selected icon remains in a non-focused selection mode which consists in it having a dashed/dotted border around it.

How to go over that, I don't want that border!

I've attached an image for those who fail to understand what I'm talking about:

alt text

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Have you tried logging out and logging back in or rebooting? It seems to occur (or at the very least, I can replicate it) only after using Shift+Click to select multiple icons on the desktop.

Logging out and logging back in (or restarting explorer) seems to stop this behavior from happening.

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That seems to work for now, but there should be a way of avoiding it from coming back. Anyway, thank you +1 – johnnyArt Mar 10 '10 at 20:16

Is that a feature of your theme perhaps?

I don't get that with my desktop.

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Everything is out-of-the-box so I doubt it – johnnyArt Mar 10 '10 at 13:05

In Windows XP, there's this option under Appearance > Effects:

Hide underlined letters for keyboard navigation until I press the Alt key

It controls not only the underlines in menus, but also the "focused item" border you see.

I do not have Windows 7 available, but I'm sure there should be a similar option - maybe under Accessibility?

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The latest Nvidia display drivers fixed it for me.

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