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Both 9.xx and 10.xx versions of Opera are re-requesting proxy auth after the browser restarts. The login and password inputs are already filled in so I need just click OK button but I need to do this for every tab a few times.

How can I stop it? In internet Explorer and Firefox everything is fine.

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Opera seems to have a problem with NTLM (Windows authentication) proxy servers.

This seems to be a common workaround: NTLMAPS
And it's described here.

NTLMAPS is a little proxy server which you run on your PC; it sits between Opera (once you configure Opera to use it) and your Windows auth proxy server, and handles the NTLM authentication which Opera cannot yet do.

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Lol. Python + nanoproxy to solve tiny bug ) But it works. Thanks. – stim Mar 10 '10 at 17:33

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