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Just installed Win7, and i noticed when i move a file/folder, it actually copies, then deletes. I noticed because if i want to move 40 GB, I must have 40 GB free space.

On XP, if I am moving folders and files within the same partition, no matter size, are moved instantly. Only the number of files matters.
Any way to get around this?
Edit1: No, not using any software, just the native windows explorer file manager. I do not know if it is related, but i followed this guide to move C:\Users to the D:\ partition.
Edit2: Fixed, If i navigate D:\Users\UserID\Downloads, moving files is instant. But If i try to move navigating from the left hand panel directly to Downloads, even though it is actually on the D: drive, its dead slow. Thanks again

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Moving a file inside the same file system should not actually involve copying and deleting but merely a change in the file system's records of the file. No matter what the file system actually is.

  • Do you use a third party program to move the file? If yes, try Windows Explorer or the command line.
  • If not, please verify that you are absolutely positively sure that source and destination partitions are identical when moving the file on Win7.
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That does not sound right. Can you try the move command from the CMD window. Also worth trying a third party util which I find handy for large moves and copies... teracopy

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