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I think utorrent has been consuming lots of bandwidth and my connection is not that fast. How do I set it so that it consumes the less possible bandwidth? I've tried setting its download and upload limit to 1kbps. Together with the download bandwidth allocation set to low. I even exited utorrent but it seems that it is still consuming lots of bandwidth. How do I solve this one?

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You might want to look at which may help. Not really a duplicate, but it might help. – Kez Mar 11 '10 at 8:53
Why are you bothering to use uTorrent at all, then? At 1kb/s it'll take 17 minutes to download 1 MB! – Phoshi Mar 11 '10 at 9:03
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Don't forget that closing uTorrent via the [x] at the top right doesn't actually exit the program. It closes the UI but keeps the process running - there should be an icon in the system tray.

To completely close uTorrent you have to select File > Exit.

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Try to limit the number of max connections. A lot of routers/modems have a limited number of connections they support (Windows does too by the way).

uTorrent can make lots and lots of connections, resulting in a slow network no matter if you actually download/upload at all.

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I also tried that and I put a value of 1. But connection is still suffering. – Ieyasu Sawada Mar 11 '10 at 8:57

I've tried setting its download and upload limit to 1kbps.

I believe that affects only the actual torrent data exchange. You might also want to turn off DHT.

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Devices like home routers usually have problems when it comes to high number of simultaneous connections. Having many open connections is way more of a problem than bandwidth. Limit the number of open connection to 80 from your .torrent client. It should be enough to up/down and not overkill anything in the process.

When you don'y use it, exit it (by right click and exit), as said by ChrisF.

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