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I have a Vista system exhibiting the black screen of death. After boot, I receive a black screen with a white cursor that moves but no other activity. Here are the things I've done already to diagnose/troubleshoot:

  1. Confirmed that the Winlogon shell key is properly set to "explorer.exe" (without quotes)
  2. Confirmed that the Userinit key is properly set
  3. Chkdsk
  4. Confirmed security settings on the RpcSs service are properly set
  5. Renamed event log folder to Logs.Bad and created new Logs folder
  6. Disabled the Event Log service from starting
  7. Attempted "System Restore" from restore point, no restore points exist
  8. Sticky keys (Left shift 5 times) sounds the beep but does not appear on the screen
  9. CTRL-ALT-DEL, CTRL-ESC, or any other keyboard combination has no effect
  10. Scanned hard disk with malware scanners while connected to another computer
  11. Tried last known good configuration
  12. Tried booting with reduced display mode
  13. Tried booting with safe mode (all types) with same results

I hope someone has some suggestions because I'm nearly out of them

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tried using a repair disk? – Jay Mar 11 '10 at 13:42

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