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What I would like to find is a list of all the recent updates, and when they were released.

Products such as MS Office, Windows, MSSQL, etc.

Only way I know to get a list of updates, is to go to the update page, and it only shows me ones I do not have.

That and this is to assist a friend who I can not see their list of updates. I just need to know if a recent update could address their issue. (Not going to install updates blindly).

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Wouldn't Microsofts technet site be the place to look? I had a quick look here: Although its broken down a bit into categories it should show you what you're asking for

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The link is dead. – krlmlr Sep 24 '15 at 8:03
@krlmlr - Thanks, link updated – Joe Taylor Sep 25 '15 at 10:45

You can get a list of all security and non-security updates by date here:

That link points to the current year, and seems to update automatically. To view previous years, go down to the bottom and you'll find a list of links.

Joe's link to the Technet security centre focuses more on security updates; I'm not sure if it shows the non-security ones at all.

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