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I'm having some carpel tunnel syndrome or RSI issues, and I need to get a new mouse.

I've tried a friend's Logitech MX Revolution and it's almost perfect. I LOVE the thumb-operated scroll wheel, and I think that that alone would solve many of my hand pain issues.

The problem is that it uses their newfangled smooth/click scroll wheel. It can be either smooth or clicky, and is switched by pressing in the scroll wheel.

I really question Logitech's user research on that one. I've been using middle-click to open new links and close tabs for years now in my browser, and I'm not willing to give that up for this cool technology. In fact I HATE smooth scroll wheels in general, and need a clicky one. The option would be ok, but not if it's activated via the middle-click button.

In closing, I'm looking for these items in my mouse:

  • Thumb-operated scroll wheel or 'joystick'-like apparatus.
  • Clicky, as-stiff-as-possible scroll wheel on top
  • Normal middle-click functionality.
  • Comfortable, preferably ergonomic design.

Anyone have any suggestions? Logitech, want to get rid of that smoothing-scrolling crap so I can buy your mouse?

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I avoided the Logitech MX Revolution for the exact same reason: I cannot function on a computer without middle click that I can map (similar to your use).

I previously used an MX1000 until it died and have a VX Revolution for mobile use. When the MX1000 died I was in the same bind, I settled on the Logitech Performance MX and am extremely pleased. The scroll functions as a middle click and there is a seperate toggle below it to switch between ratchet and smooth scrolling.

It satisfies all your requirements except for thumb-operated scroll wheel and as a satisfied user I would recommend it to you.

Features that I like are how small the receiver is. I ordered a secondary receiver that stays plugged into my laptop even when it goes in the sleeve. I then just transfer the Performance MX between laptop bag and my desk as I work at home or out. It's that good that I just stopped bothering with the VX Revolution (it just sits now). I guess another break through feature is it tracks on glass which is great for traveling or working at restaurants, etc. I do like the design it fits comfortably for me and I have fairly large hands (paws).

I come back though to you wanting a thumb-operated scroll wheel.

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Cool, thanks for the review. I think that one uses almost the exact same body as the Revolution, which is really comfortable. Question though: does the mouse come with the middle-click-to-swich-scrolling-modes option and you just turned it off? I ask because there are hacks out there that allow 'normal' middle click with the Revolution. However, because of the mechanics of the thing, the click feels very heavy and 'off.' Are you happy with the feel and ease of middle clicking with the Performance MX? –  cksubs Mar 11 '10 at 23:08
@cksubs You're very welcome. The mouse has another button that is dedicated solely to switching scroll modes. It is about 1/3 of inch below the actual scroll wheel. I see what you are saying about the MX Rev, but the Performance MX is not at all like that - the middle click mechanism is very fluid and does not require much more force than a left or right click. In fact in comparison to the MX100 or VX Revolution it has a better middle click feel than either in my opinion. –  mindless.panda Mar 12 '10 at 2:43


Found a new option... very ergonomic design and has both a thumb-wheel and a thumb-rocker. Sweet!

The only issue is that it's a third button rather than a scroll wheel up top, but that's probably not so hard to get used to. It will probably help my RSI too.

And their customer support is AMAZING! I signed up for the free 30 day trial, and got a phone call within 5 minutes to iron out details for mailing me the mouse the next day. Looking forward to a full review once I get the mouse.

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the old mx revolutions are actually more customizable than one would think. how i have mine set up: always smooth scroll, thus freeing the scroll wheel to be able to... middle click. and then i just customize each other button how i like, and differently for various programs. having middle click on the mx revo is a dream.

i see that you don't like smooth scroll, but for you there is also the ability to set it to keep the ratchet mode, which has a very satisfying click feel to it. this is all possible with the newest windows setpoint drivers. LCC for the mac.

personally, i like the button arrangement of the old mx revo to the newer one.

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