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Possible Duplicate:
software to track internet usage on family computer

Is there a good free monitor that will allow me to monitor my son's internet activity. I'm specifically looking for history of websites visited and time spent on the site. I think that he is visiting sites that his mom would not approve of but is erasing the history etc.

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What OS is on the system? – Dave M Mar 12 '10 at 2:48
@DaveM: Windows Vista. – DealingWithAConcernedMom Mar 12 '10 at 4:34

Maybe KidLogger is suitable for your situation, if you have access to his PC:

KidLogger. Free keystroke logger, web activity monitor and screen capturer.

Very simple, free and open source key-logger (keystroke logger) program. Designed for home family users and to keep watch on kids (2-7 years) activity on the computer. It can log all websites visited, chat rooms talks, started programs, opened documents and windows viewed pictures and movies. It is also a simple and FREE key logger and activity monitoring program for family needs.

I don't know about time spent, but most loggers will show you a time beside each event, so you can just see when he visits a new site and compare times.

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