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In Powershell is there a better way to ping a host indefinitely besides doing something like this:

$max = [System.Int32]::MaxValue
ping host -count $max

The '%WINDIR%\System32\ping.exe' has a '-t' option to ping until Ctrl-C is pressed.

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while (1) {
   ping host

This will ping indefinitely until you press Ctrl-C just like ping -t would.

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while (1) { ping host -count 1000 } has the nice side effect of hiding most of the ping statistics. – Luke Quinane Jul 24 '09 at 6:56

There is nothing at all wrong with John T's answer, but I will point out just for completeness sake that ping.exe is still there so this would work just fine in PS as well:

ping.exe host -t
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in windows powershell you can use Test-Connection cmdlet.

This cmdlet sends ICMP echo request packets ("pings") to one or more computers using WMI

although it does not have any -t option but it have -count option that u can indicate number of ICMP pocket to send
instead you can use this cmdlet this way:

while (1) {
   Test-Connection host

and result is like bellow:
Test-Connection Powershell Command result

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