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How to confirm any SATA/PATA Hard disk is perfect no problem? no bad sector on any other problem. I'm purchasing just 2 month used SATA HDD from a friend in less price.

How can i confirm hard disk will work perfectly, current condition is healthy.

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Hard drive manufacturers diagnostic tools: hitachi / samsung / western digital / seagate (& maxtor) / fujitsu (now it's a toshiba brand but I don't have found a specific toshiba tool)

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If you're using Windows, I believe there is a built in utility to check for bad sectors under "My Computer".

I think this how-to explains the steps.

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You can try the following alternatives. They're all freeware.

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I have nothing against FOSS, but sometimes you really do get what you pay for. SpinRite is tried-and-true, and has been refined over more than a decade, perhaps two. SeaTools is a decent answer if the HDD is Seagate, but I'm not sure a SMART scan is as good as a level-4 or level-5 SpinRite scan. – Alexander Burke Mar 12 '10 at 21:39

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