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Can the Windows XP built-in Bluetooth stack support HSP (headset profile) as an extra audio device, without third-party drivers?

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Windows XP supports - PAN, SPP, DUN, HID, HCRP out of the box... Looking in the support documentation, but can't find support for headsets.

You could always use an alternative Bluetooth stack at your own risk.

(From Windows 7 guide above)

Windows includes in-box support for the Bluetooth profiles that are listed in Table 3.
Table 3. In-Box Bluetooth Profiles
Profile Description
HID v1.0    Human Input Device
PANU    Personal Area Network User
SPP Serial Port Profile 
OPP Object Push Profile
DUN Dial-Up Networking
HCRP    Hard Copy Replacement Profile

So, if Windows 7 doesn't support it, I am pretty sure XP won't

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Windows 7 supports it, but it seems like Windows XP does not. I just have to find the driver CD that came with my 99c dongle... – joeforker Mar 12 '10 at 19:57

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