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I can successfully save the Outlook PST file to the default location on the C drive (C:\Documents and Settings\user\ ... \Outlook) but when I change the backup save to directory to Outlook on the D drive I get the error: Cannot copy Outlook: Access is denied. Make sure the disk is not full or write protected and that the file is not currently in use.

I suppose it is not that crucial that I save this file here, but I have never seen this problem before and I have made this same change in the past. I did some searching in this knowledge exchange as well as elsewhere on changing permissions, etc, but this didn't help. I discovered that the folder on my D drive (called Outlook) is not write-protected and nor is it read-only, as I can save to and modify files in that directory, as well as rename and delete the directory itself.

At the time when I installed this version of Outlook, I used a previously saved Personal Folder (a backup PST file) and I thought having this still open in Outlook was causing the trouble. But I closed it and still have the same problem.

I know this is probably a silly error on my part but I would like to figure it out. I'm new to superuser, but the answers I see are usually very good, so I thought I would post my first question.

Edit: the above setup is POP. From a Google App setup at my work, I can export a PST file successfully to any directory I choose. I am going to try the Import/Export method when I get home, to see if this works. maybe it's the backup tool that is causing me trouble.

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@nicorellius: Are you using the built-in Outlook export tool or doing this manually? – ssvarc Mar 12 '10 at 19:27
In Outlook: File > Backup > Save Backup > Then Outlook tells you that the next time Outlook closes, the Backup will be saved. I then close Outlook and the error above pops up. – nicorellius Mar 15 '10 at 18:45
Ssvarc - I can successfully export using the other option (see answer). Your comment helped me think about how to get around my problem. Thanks. – nicorellius Mar 18 '10 at 1:51
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Partial answer: If I export using the Import/Export (File > Import and Export) option and then choose export to file and choose PST file, I can save my personal file to any directory I choose. There must be something wrong with the backup tool. Reinstalling the backup tool didn't help; still throws an access error. I guess I have moved one step closer. It is really bothersome that the backup tool isn't working like I want it to, though.

Tried something else with this question/answer. I have two accounts setup in this Outlook 2007 setup: a personal Gmail account, using IMAP, and a Google Apps Sync work account. I tried creating a PST file using the backup tool and saving it to the D: drive and it worked. Perhaps it's something with the way IMAP is set up?

OK, I repeated the test above with the Gmail IMAP account, and changed the directory to D:\Outlook\IMAP_gmail and the backup tool successfully saved the file. Problem solved!

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