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Does anybody here know of a decent setup for having multiple computers and devices (iPhone/Android) logged into the same IM accounts (yahoo, gtalk, AIM) with consolidated web-based chat logs?

I've tried/thought of a few approaches:

  • IRC w/ IRSSI and bitlbee (was nice, but not a great solution for phones and chat logs were painful)
  • Google Talk (would be great if I could just use this, but I need to support Yahoo - perhaps a Jabber relay?)
  • Meebo (can this be used as a proxy?)
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That was basically my first question on aardvark.

I know just of 3 good options:

  • As Alexander said, Google Talk. You have to configure it using another Jabber Client such as Psy, on linux. The keywords here are gateway and transport. It's not easy, but this will give you the best results.

  • As you've suggested, a web client. There are many clients out there, nimbuzz is the best for smartphones nowadays; e-buddy has the simplest interface and the less bugs, but also the less features; and find imo.imm even better than meebo but meebo is the only one with good chat history.

  • IM-history for a paid solution. This will even send your skype chat to GTalk, something you can't do with the first option alone. At least I don't know of any jabber gateway for Skype.

For the first option, which is what I use, I would quote some links from my vark's answer, to give you an idea it won't be easy to configure. But it's too big. Granted, once set up, you'll have all working even inside Gmail.

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Google Talk (which is XMPP/Jabber). The logs show up in your web client by default.

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Google Talk is close, but I need to be able to log Yahoo IM chats (the primary protocol used by coworkers). – zpinter Mar 13 '10 at 22:34
You can interoperate Yahoo, MSN, etc with XMPP federation with Google Talk. Google for more info. – Alexander Burke Mar 14 '10 at 1:37
Good stuff, but lack of info, Alex. – cregox Mar 24 '10 at 13:37
@Cawas: I'm not really into spoonfeeding. I provided more than enough detail to point OP in the correct direction. Would you rather I regurgitate the Google Talk documentation here? – Alexander Burke Mar 25 '10 at 4:53
I just think you could've added more info. I think the idea in here is giving the fish and pointing how to learning oneself "how to fish" if one wants really to. – cregox Mar 25 '10 at 17:40

Barracuda IM Firewall or IMSpector may do the trick for you. There are also various iptables plugins for tracking individual IM services

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Thanks for the suggestions. I'm not so much looking to monitor network traffic as I'm looking for a way to use an IM client (adium,trillian,beejive,etc) on various devices and networks (home, work, 3g) and have my personal chat logs consolidated and searchable. – zpinter Mar 13 '10 at 22:33 centrally operates yahoo messenger, AOL, msn, GTalk by one click

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If you are able to run a server, you could run an OpenFire server ( ) which has plugins to connect to the various IM networks in addition to serving as a Jabber host (which can federate (interoperate) with Google Talk natively as well). It also includes logging and other enterprise-level IM features, and works with a variety of Jabber clients (including Spark, from the same company).

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Try to register jabber account on Jabbim servers. It does support:

  • connection to all mentioned networks through the transports,
  • web-based interface to server-side history called Jabbim archive

Although use of Jabbim account is free, JabbIM archive is one of the benefits of sponsoring (VIP). VIP membership costs about 12 USD/year. More information about VIP is Czech version of the site, but you can use Google translator.

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